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LRRTM1: A possible gene for left-handedness


As more and more of our genome becomes decoded, I think we’ll begin to see a proliferation of genes identified to unique behaviors that we have had no explanation for. Don’t believe me? Well, I have news that the gene most closely linked to left-handedness has been found.

The discovery has been published in Molecular Psychiatry, under the title, “LRRTM1 on chromosome 2p12 is a maternally suppressed gene that is associated paternally with handedness and schizophrenia.”

Paraphrased from National Geographic News:

“For right-handed people… the right side of the brain usually controls emotion, while the left side of the brain tends to control speech and language.

In left-handers—about 10 percent of the world’s population—the pattern is usually reversed.

“[And] this gene affects the symmetry of the brain,” Clyde Francks said. “LRRTM1 is not essential for left-handedness, but it can be a strong contributing factor.””

The LRRTM1 gene…

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